Smart Phone Photography Enhancement Upgrade to HomeOnFilm’s App

HomeOnFilm are delighted to announce that estate agents utilising our App will soon have a unique feature available to them, MD David Varley explains;

“Soon our estate agency clients will be able to upload property photographs straight to the HomeOnFilm App in seconds from their smart phone. Our team are notified remotely on upload and enhance each photo. Within minutes the enhanced photos are available to the client in a remote email. It’s a very fast and easy -to-use process and saves time for agents”.

The new integration will be available soon and the cost will be negligible also further development to the App will offer agents ‘Virtual Staging’ and “Day to Dusk” enhancements to photographs.

Enhancements include;

White balancing, Image sharpening, vertical and horizontal straightening, removal of minor blemishes, Lens distortion removal, sky replacement (Clouds to Blue Sky’s) and reflection removal. The team can also add agents’ logos where required.





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